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    Reporting Player: SuhYoniELNavajas
    Reason: Aim Hacking And Speed Hacking
    What Happened: Me And my friend were at our base and i could here arrows getting shot and it was my friend getting shot with a arrow threw a wall he managed to get his stuff back but around 2 mins later i get shot with a arrow threw the wall and nearly die.

    He also was aim hacking in the kill feed every kill he got it was "was shot in the head by SuhyoniELNavajas" he killed around 6 people and got a head shot every time also they were new people and i dont think were naked.

    Also has speed hacks the anti cheat picked up speed hacks from him and he has 1 more chance so i think he has even more hacks such as the following above because usually you dont just have 1 hack you have multiple.

    Evidence: Unfortunately i do not have a video or photo of the evidence but people on the server were saying he is hacking and my friend was on the server with me and he was the victim that got killed by the hacker. Also as i said he got warned for hacks by the anti cheat.

    Note: He was very toxic in the chat.

    Thanks for your time i hope that this will put a stop to that hacker and make the server fun for everyone to play on because i sure know when hackers are on the server i dont like playing on that server because i get paranoid that someone is gonna kill me with hacks.

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