SuhYoniElNavajas - Hacker.

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    Apr 22, 2016
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    Reporting Player: SuhYoniElNavajas
    Reason: Aimbot/Speedhack/Flyhack.
    What Happened: I was in my house then i went up stairs and i got shot through the wall with a bow, i died and i think it was Suhyoni, i then grab my stuff and run back into the house, i wait a while and then went to check if he was there, he wasn't. I then went outside on my way to big Rad and he TP'd behind me or speed hacked and caught up with me and shot me once, i zigzag and he doesn't 2 more shots and he kills me, it was a head shot (He never missed a shot.)
    Evidence: I don't have any photos/vids/pics because i dont have anything to do that with but some people on the server also think he was hacking and he was also warned once for hacking, i think it was for speed hacks.

    Thankyou for your time, ~JustAMemer
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