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    Our community wants to ensure that there is no drama between players when It comes to the gameplay. We will deal with any problems in a professional matter. First of all a small "handbook" http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/7849-game-server-administration-guidelines/


    1. Advertising in-game without permission of an Admin is strictly prohibited.
    2. Impersonating any Administrators, or Moderators will be punished with a permanent ban.
    3. While we understand any kind of humor It is good to stay away from jokes that might be offensive towards players. Do not overstay your welcome with this rule.
    4. Calumny is strictly prohibited, and will be dealt accordingly.
    5. Do not swear on any channels. Do not blame anyone.

    1. Vehicle clamining is based on teamwork, or the "whoever gets It first is the one to take It" rule. We do not want to see players arguing about vehicles. We will cut the argument short to enforce teamwork, or simply cut It short with the last sentence. No exceptions. For example if you are claiming a tank with another team mate, but a different squad starts the argument that they are consisting of 3 players, the first team can decide not to care, and take the tank away.
    2. Main Battle Tanks (Abrams, T72, Challenger, T62, Leopard), IFVs, and APCs require the minimum of 2 players to take (Bradley, Warrior, BMP, Striker, BTR). Any other vehicle can be one manned.
    3. You should apologize for team killing in the chat. Any team kills that were made on purpose will be kicked, and If It's frequent It will result in a ban.
    4. Be friendly towards everyone especially If Its a new player. Try to teach them If they do not understand something. If a squad leader doesn't know what he is doing try to point him in the correct way. Do not blame anyone. Phlegmatic attitude is prohibited.
    1. You must join, or create a squad unless you are a newbie. If you feel like you are new, and you don't want to lead a squad don't do It then. You can also create a squad and later assign It to someone experienced. You should tell your team mates that you are a newbie.
    2. Squad leaders must have a microphone. Do not create a squad unless you have one.
    3. Please ensure your squad are playing towards the objectives as often as possible.
      Exceptions to this are flanking squads, mortars, logistics, TOWs, or the squad is unable to move out from a position for certain reasons. (Like under enemy fire)
    4. Every Squad is free in terms of building out their own tactics. We don't enforce people with admin rights to move on certain points, or decide who is going to defend / attack unlike on some other servers, however please keep in mind that you should try to play the objectives as often as possible.
    Server Seeding (When the SERVER is below 30 players (15vs15))
    1. Habs, and radios that are placed on or too close to caps may be dug down.
    2. Do not camp or takedown enemy FOBs that are off caps.
    3. Do not cap past the middle cap zone.
    4. Only logistic trucks are allowed to use.
    5. FOB's are allowed to have .50 cal emplacements ONLY. Only 2 of them can be created.
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