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    • This forum is for everyone: our goal is not to take away the freedom of speech (So we won't close topics because someone doesn't like it).
    • Violating the rules of the forum gets your comment deleted.
    • Advertise and promote only and exclusively non-profit things with permission, and It can not be engaged in business organization websites .
    • If your comment is not correct, fix and avoid duplication/double posting.
    • If your thread is not in the good place, we will move it there without any warning.
    • Use the forum at your own risk .
    • Swear / vulgar words !
    • Copy deleted comments by moderators!
    • Impeding ongoing conversation, not writing about the subject!
    • Totalitarian symbols of any political, ethnic or religious issues , spiteful / hateful , discriminatory and / or extreme views or discussion of any illegal content and presentation !
    • Disclosure of personal information without the consent of person! ( real name , photo, address, phone number , etc.).
    • Advertising illegal ( warez ) sites and any kind of servers !
    • Threat, defame , violate human dignity , blame!
    • Sending round messages!
    • Disrespect or insult other users !
    • Post pornographic videos , and websites , advertising !
    Any violation will receive penalty points and if the limit is reached, you will be automatically and temporarily banned from the site !
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