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    Dear Users of Equinox.
    We are looking for staff members to join our community.
    Please read the rules carefully.

    • What do we expect from an admin?
    1. We understand that people are not robots. We expect you to come along to seed, play, and enforce the rules on the players.
    2. Good english.
    3. Be atleast 17 years old.
    4. Do not abuse your administator / moderator powers.
    5. Detailed applications!
    6. Capability to solve awful situations between players if needed.
    7. Please do not ask admins/moderators to vote good on you. Eventually, don't even ask them to vote. Your Application will be denied immediately.
    • How will the application go?
    1. Once you have posted the application we will read It, and discuss It. Then we will discuss your application on Discord, or Teamspeak, and decide whether you fit the job or not.
    2. We want only admins who can do their jobs well. If you get accepted, you can ask other admins opinion about a situation, or what ever. You can even post in the admins forum / Discord, if you have a problem, or something to share with us. Try to do things equally against other players.
    • I have been accepted. Now what?
    1. If you are accepted, congratulations. This is only your first step of becoming an admin. Don't think you are hired completely. We will test you and see if you are capable in handling situations. We will see your maturity, your mentality and your thinking. You will have a Trial Admin level for testing.

    • I have been denied. Now What?
    1. You are denied for a reason. We will mention the reasons. Be a perfect applicant. Once you have done that and if you think you are ready to re-apply then only you can re-apply. Important thing is, you can only re-apply after 1 week unless the denier states It otherwise.. Remember to go through your application at least 3-4 times and then press the submit button.

    • Reasons why your application will be denied:
    1. Messaging admins about your application
    2. Lying in your application
    3. Copying other applications
    4. Being banned/tbanned from the server while your application is open
    5. You have resigned last 1 month, no exceptions.
    6. Breaking any Community/Forum rules.
    7. Making a vote in app

    • How to post (Make a new Thread and paste):
    You won't be able to edit/remove your post so double check!
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