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    Name: Emmet.
    In-game name: evil_bosco
    Age: 20.
    Country: Ireland.
    In what timezone are you mostly online: GMT+0, I am mostly online during the evening and early morning.
    Are you aware of the dark side of being a staff member (No, I'm not talking about the Empire): Indeed, I have plenty of past experiences in such roles.
    Why do you want to be an admin?: I like to return some of my time to a good community and to help it grow positively. Without proper support from roles like this in a community, it begins to turn toxic and unorganized. I feel stepping back from being a clan leader and assisting as an admin in another community could suit the hours I play.
    Why should we choose you?: I bring a lot of experience to the table and can manage situations as an unbiased referee in the majority of situations. Of course, I am not perfect and the situation can be misread and mistakes can be made.
    Why should we NOT choose you?: I cannot be as active as I would like. Normally I would give seven to eight hours of my time to clans I'm running or involved with but due to my time spent and university my hours can fall shorter than that sometimes.

    However, I can make up for that with accelerated times on the weekend and help with any development if needed.
    Are/Were you an admin on (any) other server(s): None previously on Squad.
    How many hours have you been playing on the server (about): Ten hours.
    Did you read the rules?: Yes, fully and properly.
    Write about yourself(minimum 10 sentences): To start I am quite a relaxed person. I am not straight off the mark when it comes to my emotions. Instead, I tend to think before reacting beforehand. I am studying Computer Science in Game design at Technology University Dublin. I plan to go for my masters next year consisting of another two years and further after that moving to Canada to begin my career.

    I am also a sports person mainly involved in kickboxing which brings a great discipline to my life, I advise everyone to train in martial arts. Along with my kickboxing, I like to involve myself in yoga and meditation. I also have a passion for being a leader in some sorts such as leading clans, and regiments for the past few years on and off. I owned the largest role-play server for six months on a game called Mount & Blade: Warband which gave me great joy however it came to an end due to personal circumstances.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my application,
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    Please PM me on discord by adding me as a friend.

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