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  1. Cl0s3F0r3v3r
    Damn I miss this
  2. Dope D.
    Dope D.
    Ended up here somehow, that was fun
  3. dharmenddra
  4. shalugarza
  5. teszta
    teszta Gartand
    fuck go back
  6. DreTaX
    Let's do this.
  7. LOIN
    Be sure to tell them LOIN sent you!
  8. Solo
    Solo Ruben
    Hi, sorry in advance, but why I was not unbanned on the server ?.
    I wrote that the ban
  9. ImperialChamp
    A champion is someone who gets up when he cant
  10. ImperialChamp
    Fight for your dreams
  11. Triumph
    Triumph PsyKhopat
    Da moral ae psy fui banido falaram que eu tava de hack
    SALAHEAG PsyKhopat
    hi pshyco today i got banned for the same problem (connection banned) for no reasons i wish that u can help uss cs the real admin are not helping uss :(
    1. PsyKhopat
      you have to be patient sala. i will try to contact him.
      Apr 29, 2016
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  13. queeN
    queeN DreTaX
    koskesh answer me
  14. zzaahtosszz
    hi. i banned of the server who please unbanned me i don,t use hack and this morning i banned who please hel me
  15. zzaahtosszz
    i banned of the server who? id:ZzahtosszZ
  16. Mangix
  17. Mangix
  18. GeneralSRAW
    GeneralSRAW Rogue
    Hi, in game my name is GeneralSRAW.
    I Was banned by dizzy anticheat, I wasn't hacker please unbann me.
    Thank You
  19. sakmustafa10
    sakmustafa10 DreTaX
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    2. sakmustafa10
      I am waiting.Thanks
      Apr 10, 2016
    3. DreTaX
      Still nope?
      Apr 10, 2016
    4. sakmustafa10
      İ dont understant.I can not enter the server.
      Apr 10, 2016
  20. Dre3am
    Dre3am Snake
    Me banearon del servidor de Rust Legacy, por decir que acabo de reportar a un admin abuse se llama DARCKING y hay video de prueba